Kubernetes Training

The whole idea of DevOps is to enable your software development team to own their software from development all the way to production. Many teams want to use Kubernetes, but are not sure where to start. While realistically, not all developers are going to understand the ins-and-outs of networking, security certificates, and load balancing, we have found most developers can be trained to deploy and support software running in Kubernetes

3-Day Kubernetes Crash Course


intelletive has condensed the most important concepts you need to know to use Kubernetes into a 3-day crash course. With a mixture of traditional classroom-style lectures followed by follow-along labs in a real Kubernetes environment, you are guaranteed to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Attend as many days as you are interested.

Who this Course is For

This course is for software developers looking to learn how to build and deploy things to Kubernetes or Linux administrators wanting to learn the basics of standing up a Kubernetes cluster. You are expected to know the basics of the Linux command line in order to attend.

Course Topics

intelletive’s course is spread out over 3 days, with each successive day covering more material. You can choose to stay for as many days as you wish based on the level of depth you believe you require.

Day 1: Kubernetes Basics – $749

  • What is Kubernetes: Value & Architecture
  • Docker Desktop
  • Docker Images and Docker Registries
  • Kubernetes Namespaces
  • Deployments
  • Ingressing Traffic

Day 2: Advanced Deployments – $250

  • Helm and CICD Pipelines
  • Config Maps and Secret Maps
  • Persistent Volume Mounts
  • Lab: Standing Up Full-Stack CRUD Application
  • Quick Kubernetes: EKS, GKS, AKS

Day 3: Administration Basics – $499

  • Installing Clusters with kubeadm
  • Upgrading Clusters
  • Troubleshooting Clusters
  • Users, Certs, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Identity Provider(s)
  • Overview of Ecosystem: Prometheus, CNI, Ingress Options, Cert Manager, Terraform/Ansible, Service Mesh

Kubernetes Basics

intelletive can meet and do a short session with your development team, teaching them the basic concepts of Kubernetes as well as provide them with some sample deployments and open source GUI tools to view application status and logs.

Deployment Automation

intelletive is available to conduct one to one or small group trainings to teach the client team how to build successful and compliant Kubernetes deployments, as well as pipelines, using tools like Helm.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Certification Training

intelletive can teach the full suite of Certified Kubernetes Administrator materials, teaching the client everything from how to setup a new cluster to how to deploy and support programs in the cluster.

Corporate Training

intelletive can build out and teach a custom training for your development team focusing on the specific tools and best practices currently in use in your corporate environment.

Security Training

intelletive is available to train your team on Kubernetes security best practices as well introducing the team to a suite of open source security scanning tools and the proper configuration of those tools.