Kubernetes Security

While establishing a Kubernetes Cluster in Amazon Web Service (EKS), Google Cloud (GKS), or Microsoft Azure (AKS), or even other clouds, is generally simple, doing it effectively is not. Establishing proper access controls, firewalls, encryption, and network policies to ensure a secure enterprise deployment of Kubernetes is a significant undertaking. Intelletive can guide and train your team to use a variety of tools to validate your Kubernetes deployment and verify its security integrity.

Pod Security Policies

intelletive’s security scan will ensure that your Pod Security Policies are configured properly to prevent privilege escalation or other major Kubernetes threats.

Host Scanning

intelletive will help to ensure the Kubernetes Nodes your software is running on are secure and up to date.

Container Scanning

intelletive can design security scans of your software images to ensure they are not deploying unpatched operating system or application vulnerabilities.


intelletive can design and deploy end-to-end encryption between your load balancers and your Kubernetes applications as well as between your services, and data centers.

Access Controls

intelletive will integrate with tools like Active Directory, Vault or Rancher to securely manage users privilege and ensure granular access to data.