Kubernetes Monitoring and Support

Supporting Enterprise systems is about more than just deploying them – you need to support them to ensure they are behaving properly and achieving optimum performance. With Intelletive, this starts with scraping and aggregating metrics and logs using tools like Prometheus, Loki, and/or ELK. Once the metrics are compiled, anomalies need to be identified as acceptable or as problems either manually or by rule. Problems will alert a 24/7 support team who has a set of escalation procedures (we call these client runbooks) to quickly restore the enterprise to its optimum performance.
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Metric Scraping and Aggregation

intelletive sets up metrics scraping with tools like Prometheus and New Relic, and others to detect when a system is having problems and behaving in an erratic matter.


intelletive builds a set of documented procedures and practices for how to deal with each client’s common infrastructure problems. Each document also defines support and alert protocol for your team should an incident arise.

Log Aggregation

intelletive scrapes server and application logs to be able to search for exceptions, errors, and stack traces when digging into issues.

24/7 Support

intelletive has a global, 24/7 support team staffed with CKA certified Dev/Op engineers capable of supporting your systems should an incident arise.