Kubernetes Implementation

intelletive’s SRE’s (site reliability engineers) have been the integration architects of numerous client Kubernetes transitions onto major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as on-premise Kubernetes environments on top of VM Ware or Bare Metal. Our work spans the full gamut, from Kubernetes architecture to integration to supporting other integrated cloud services like deploying SQL Databases, Shared/Persistent Storage, and Ingressing with load balancers such as F5.

Cluster Setup

Based on the client need, intelletive will build clusters from scratch the hard way or will use a mix of cloud provider’s managed Kubernetes services like GKS, EKS, and AKS.


intelletive can automate the deployment of software to Kubernetes, enabling software teams to consistently and reliably roll out their software and future releases with just a few keystrokes.

Persistent Storage

intelletive is skilled in the deployment of persistent storage mounted as Kubernetes volumes with on-premise and cloud storage solutions like Azure Managed Disks or Amazon’s Elastic Block Store.

Secure Traffic Ingressing

intelletive’s Site Reliability Engineers will build secure end-to-end encryption of horizontal and vertical traffic using tools like Istio and Linkerd.