intelletive is a member of the Cloud Native Foundation and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP). Having achieved this KCSP certification, intelletive is the Midwest’s first independent KCSP, and one of the less than 200 such certified providers worldwide. Intelletive will design, implement, support, train, and secure Kubernetes for our clients, and ensure their infrastructure becomes a highly available and scalable Kubernetes environment.
Kubernetes UI Screenshot


intelletive will work with the client to design and deploy Kubernetes clusters, either on premise or in the cloud, as well as automating the deployment of the client software onto the Kubernetes clusters.

Monitor and Support

intelletive’s 24/7 support team uses Prometheus and Alert Manager, as well as other industry standard runbooks, to monitor and support your Kubernetes cluster.


intelletive has Certified Kubernetes Administrators available to train your development and operations teams to deploy and support software running in Kubernetes.


intelletive uses a proprietary toolset to scan, audit, and thus ensure your Kubernetes cluster, as well as the software running on it, do not leave you vulnerable to attack.


intelletive has been integral to the design and launch of Kubernetes for numerous Enterprises, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of project size, intelletive has the experience to make your Kubernetes project a success.