Performance and Tuning

intelletive engineers have built and scaled out high performance software systems with upwards of 80 million users. We have also scaled out systems for startups experiencing rapid growth and needing to quickly tune their software (without major changes) to handle the new level of traffic. It is amazing how tuning even a few multi-threading parameters can double or triple throughput! intelletive knows how to drive performance, let us help.

Performance Monitoring

intelletive instruments tools like Prometheus, New Relic, or Nagios to gather information about your current application’s performance.


intelletive is knowledgeable with the level of performance that is typical for common technology stacks like Java, DotNet, PHP, or Ruby on Rails, and can identify obvious problems at-a-glance.


intelletive uses profilers to determine where the bottleneck is – is it CPU, RAM, storage, threads, or something else?


intelletive can implement tools like Open Tracing and Jaeger to track throughput and timing between distributed applications.


intelletive can tune thread counts, garbage collection settings, RAM settings, or algorithms to gain significant throughput without major changes to your application.

Tuning Databases

intelletive has the knowledge to tune database queries with MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL by restructuring queries or using indexes.


intelletive knows how to use distributed caching tools like Redis, Memcached, and others to enable huge scalability without major re-architecting.


intelletive can implement patterns like circuit breakers and bulkheads to reduce risk should part of your application fail to scale or crash.