Cloud Migration

intelletive’s site reliability engineers are here to help strategize, and execute, your migration from on-premise servers to cloud host providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Cloud hosting has the potential to save you significant time and money while allowing you to quickly scale up service capacity should that need ever arise, while still meeting your compliance requirements. Intelletive is here to help you assess your needs, estimate your costs, and ultimately perform the migration.

Broad Range of Experience

intelletive’s SRE’s have worked with Cloud based products such as PaaS using Kubernetes, Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku and App Engine, as well as numerous VM solutions.

Assess Needs

intelletive will help you determine what kind of cloud offerings best fit your needs and which cloud provider best meets those needs.

Estimate Costs

intelletive can estimate how much it will cost to host your project in the cloud or even across multiple cloud providers so you can make the best decision in the selection of cloud provider.

Optimize Costs

With intelletive’s knowledge of the major cloud providers various fee structures, we can architect a solution design using the right product features to optimize your budget, such as using reserved instances for up to 60% savings.

Perform Migration

intelletive will help you migrate to the cloud with little or no downtime of your current state operational services.

Architect for Resiliency

intelletive site reliability engineers will help you architect your own custom resiliency and failover processes should a server or data center fail. The plan can combine premise and cloud based servers.

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes you can run a mixture of in-cloud and on-premise solutions to maximize availability and scalability while minimizing costs. intelletive’s site reliability engineers will work with your team to design a cost optimized solution for your computing needs.