Intelletive is here to maximize your team’s productivity. We use continuous integration and continuous delivery to enable developers to regularly deploy their code to test environment(s) and then promote it to production when ready, ensuring the timely delivery of software and feedback for your development team.

Infrastructure Setup

intelletive uses tools like Terraform to automatically provision virtual machines and cloud services for providers like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or on Premise with Open Stack or VM Ware.

Configuration Management

intelletive will mentor your team to architect software for external configuration so the same code can be deployed in various environments quickly.


intelletive’s protocol is to isolate server resources with a firewall so that only individuals on a VPN or an approved list can connect to secure services like SSH or management APIs.

Secrets Management

intelletive will securely store database passwords, certifications, and authentication keys in vault services like Hashicorp Vault or Azure Key Vault.

App Deployments

intelletive uses Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers like Kubernetes, Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, or App Engine to deploy and automatically scale your software.


intelletive uses tools like Prometheus, New Relic, or Amazon Cloudwatch to monitor your applications and alert our triage team in case performance problems are encountered.