intelletive’s core discipline: designing and architecting software systems that meet the needs of our customers. intelletive works with the client leadership to design applications that are scalable, resilient, compliant and secure. With proper design focus, these projects can be delivered within the budget the client company has established.

Requirements Gathering

intelletive works closely with the client team to define all necessary requirements at the onset of the project to avoid costly changes later in the project.


Security is best achieved when it can begin in the application design and then bolstered with strong infrastructure. intelletive’s team of Dev/Op and Site Reliability Engineers will work together to bring this continuity to your data security needs.


intelletive is well versed in how to best layer on compliance with audit logging, encryption in transit, and encryption at rest.


intelletive will deliver an architectural plan for any project we will execute. That architectural plan will include definitions of requirements, architectural diagrams, and project wireframes/workflow diagrams.


intelletive builds software that can tolerate failure. This is achieved by integrating the latest in software and infrastructure technologies into our software designs. intelletive will guide the client team to the best technologies to leverage for achieving 4 nines or 5 nines of uptime based on client requirements.


intelletive engineers can design, build and implement the solution you need. Whether it is software development, software roll-outs, cloud migrations, or cloud engineering, Intelletive has the skills to deliver.