Development Operations

intelletive’s mission is to maximize the productivity of your development team. How? By using best-in-class tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Helm for ‘on premise’ or ‘in the cloud’ deployments. Working with your team, we will craft custom ‘build and deployment’ pipelines to automate the deployment of your software and updates, so that your development team can focus on building features instead of maintaining servers.

Cloud Migration

Are you supporting a costly, inelastic on-premise solution and looking to scale in the cloud? intelletive can help.


intelletive designs optimized cloud and multi-cloud solutions using Kubernetes and other Cloud-Native tools, that are affordable, scalable and resilient.



intelletive automates deployments, saving your team time and money while increasing reliability.


intelletive is very successful in designing and implementing mainstream compliance frameworks like HIPAA and PCI.

Performance and Tuning

intelletive will tune and scale your existing application to whatever scale you require.

Broad Range of Experience

intelletive has automated deployments of just about every major tech stack: Java, Nodejs, Ruby on Rails, PHP, DotNet, Python, and even Android and iOS.

Site Reliability Engineering / Devops

intelletive implements continuous integration and delivery (CICD) to enable developers to work quickly and build stable, enterprise-grade software using technologies like Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker Swarm, Ansible, Terraform, and Chef.

intelletive has a strong history of deploying and supporting software in production with cloud vendors Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, and Heroku as well as on-premise with Open Stack, VMWare, and Kubernetes.

Setting up automated build and deployment pipelines with tools like Bamboo, Gitlab, Drone, or Jenkins is also a service we provide.

Software Development

intelletive programmers work with the full life cycle of software development, from planning, to developing, to rolling out, to maintaining. We understand how to write solid and documented software that meets the needs of your business. This includes web development, iOS/Android development, Windows/Mac development, and backend development using a variety of technologies.

intelletive projects are designed and deployed using frameworks and technologies in wide usage such as React, Angular, Queueing Tech (RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ, etc), SQL, NoSQL (Cassandra, Elastic Search, Solr), Java Spring/Spring Boot, DotNetCore, ASP, Django, Laravel PHP, ExpressJS/NodeJS, and Ruby on Rails.

Supporting Skills

Over the course of building software, intelletive has developed ancillary skills in areas such as design, data science/analytics, agile project management, copywriting, and training. In addition to our fundamental skills, we have a broad partner base where we can subcontract a skilled resource in these areas to augment the project staffing and skillset.

Building Teams

Thinking of starting a new project but having trouble finding talent? intelletive can help you seed teams by putting a senior-level resource on the team to train and mentor entry-level developers. These entry-level developers can make great permanent additions to your team long after the senior-level resource has moved on to other projects.